BHM begins digital transformation with SAP ERP integration

26 November 2018 2 min. read
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Lagos-based public relations consultancy Black House Media (BHM) has announced its decision to integrate cloud-based ERP system SAP within its scope of operations. The first step towards digital transformation marks a new chapter in the firm’s story, and was announced at its 13-year anniversary.

BHM was founded in 2005 as a public relations firm, and has since expanded significantly both in terms of its suite of service offerings but also in terms of its geographical reach. Having begun with an office in Ikeja, Lagos, the firm has since made a foray into one of the world’s largest financial markets through an office in London.

In terms of services, the firm has grown out of its role as a PR agency to incorporate service offerings in media management social PR, crisis management, brand promotion, corporate communications, as well as content creation & marketing. The firm also prides itself on its capabilities in the digital PR domain.

BHM begins digital transformation with SAP ERP integration

It is this last domain that the firm has now made the decision to bolster, by bringing on board the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. SAP is based on the cloud, and is designed specifically to improve the internal procedures and mechanisms for organisations and make them more efficient. 

The ERP system can be applied to any aspect of a firm’s operations, including procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance and even human Resources. SAP allows for on-premise deployment, the integration and automation of core processes and a real time stream of accurate information.

BHM has adopted SAP as a mechanism to accelerate its growth, not only across an increasingly digitalised regional economy, but also across the globe. The firm is aspiring to compete with some of the leading media agencies and consulting firms across the globe, according to its CEO Ayeni Adekunle.

“The BHM vision is to become Africa’s leading media and public relations organisation. We believe the only way to do this is by deploying the most advanced technology solutions, extraordinary human talent and creative thinking which will deliver unbeatable results for our clients and consumers, while also building a far reaching reputation for the business and profit for our investors,” said Adekunle.